Ways to boot up MAC systems

What to do if your Mac won't turn on.

Different ways to gain access to your mac

1.Pressing key " D " runs hardware test for mac
2.Pressing key "C"  to do OSX test
3.To format the Macintosh HD( to erase and do a clean up need to go inside OSX recovery), --> in order to do a OSX recovery pressing

 COMMAND  and key "R" 
4.Press SHIFT in the keyboard to enter in to safe mode
5.Press OPTION in the keyboard  it prompted for 3 options Macintosh HD,recovery 10.10.1, OSX installation DVD

Please refer to the link  http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-use-startup-keys-to-resolve-mac-os-x-boot-p.html

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