How to recover forgotten Login Password for windows 7 without using CD or software

1.Laucnh windows and Press F8 to enter into Window Error Recovery mode

2.Select "Launch Stratup Repair (recommended)

3.Satrup Repair will look for problems (this might take few minutes)

4.After that you would get a dialog box , "Do you want to restore your computer using system restore" --> Select "cancel"

5.After few Minutes a dialog box will appear asking to send report to microsoft.

6.Click view problem details--> Select the drop down list and selct the last link*.txt--> A notepad opens.

7.Select File-->Open-->Computer-->C:\Windows\System32

 Note : Change file type to All Files

8.Search for sethc exe file, rename it to sethc1.

9.Search for cmd, copy & paste the cmd and reanme to sethc and exit all box and canceling all will restart the windows.

10.Once your are in the login in page Press SHIFT 5 times(fast)

11 You will get a CMD box

12.Type net user

 Note : this will list all user

12.Type net user "username" *

13.Type the password ,reconfirm it and close the cmd


Please see the below Youtube link for reference

For win 10

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