Outlook has been exceptionally slow ever since the migration was completed.


This could be an intermittent issue with your internet connection or as emails are still being downloaded from Google Apps Server to your local pc for the first time.


On my phone and iPad, if I delete, it apparently archives, but I no longer can access that message if I wish to see it, or retrieve it. Can you explain how to manage this?


Emails when deleted under Google Apps are moved to a folder/label named “Trash” and they remain there until they are deleted from the “Trash” folder/label. Outlook for MAC/PC will only download emails under Trash Folder if you specifically click on Trash Folder (This will initiate download of all the emails under Trash Folder).


After the migration to Google Apps, 80 % of my emails have now duplicated. Is there a simple way of deleting the duplicates?


All emails are now available under "My Computer" Inbox and the migrated emails are available under "Google Apps" Inbox. When you select the main Inbox at the Top Level, it displays emails from "My Computer" as well as "Google Apps" Inbox. Either deleting "My Computer" Inbox or only selecting "Google Apps" Inbox will resolve this issue.


Prior to migration, my mailbox on the iPhone allowed me to check sent messages, but I can't find the sent messages folder.


This is as a result of selecting wrong "Sent Items" folder on iPhone. Please select "Sent Items" for Google Apps Account and it will display all "Sent Items".


On my iPhone, I can see all my folders, but they are empty. What can I do about this?


By default, Google Apps will not download emails under each folder automatically. Emails are only downloaded when you click on the folder name. This then initiates a connection to Google servers to download the folder content.


I can’t save any emails as drafts. How do I do this?


When typing an email, if you hit cancel or accidently close your mail app, the app will prompt you to either discard the draft or save the draft. You can access saved drafts only if you have saved a draft earlier.

What information can be transferred from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps?

Please refer to attached pdf - gammo_migration_chart.pdf