Google Sites

Sites basics
How to access, create, edit, and share a site.

Google Groups

Guides for administrators and group owners (Google Apps for Business)


Create a company email list
Set up Google Groups to use as a department or team mailing lists.

Create a collaborative inbox
Set up a Google Group to use for case management, where members can assign and track support tickets or other queries from customers or co-workers.

Create a Question & Answer forum
Set up a Google Group where members can post and respond to questions in a public forum.

Create a Web forum
Set up a Google Group where members of your organization can post and share information on special interest topics.

Guides for all users

Email, invite, and collaborate with groups
Learn common ways to use groups as email lists.

Find, join, and organize your groups
Learn how to find new groups to join and organize the groups you own or belong to.

Manage topics in a group
Learn how to navigate your group's forum page.

Post to a group
Learn how to submit a post from your group's forum page.

Google Groups basics (Classic)
Join, create, and manage groups with the classic version Google Groups for Business.